Hello, and welcome to my blog


I’m Alastair and I am fascinated by anything customer experience. I am a service minded person with a keen ability to assess ineffective areas of customer service, implementing effective and innovative solutions to achieve strategic objectives.

I believe the ease of doing business (NetEasy) and the experience of the journey (Net Promoter) creates revenue opportunities and reduces cost to serve.

My mission 

To redefine customer experience, I am at my best when working with passionate people and I believe in culture as a key component in delivering an unmatched customer experience. My vision is omni-channel customer satisfaction through a connected experience.

 My leadership style

As a leader I focus on the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that would not have happened otherwise. I inspire, motivate and mobilise people to achieve goals that are greater than the team. I promote growth and cultivate partnerships across functions.

I find the following really useful:

  • Creating clarity of purpose
  • Enabling triangulation of information to establish one source of the truth
  • Building repeatable models for success
  • and creating parallel opportunities for improvement

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