Talent Management

Identifying, attracting and employing the right talent forms the foundation of the success of an organisation because people are the heartbeat of your business. In order to identify the best talent a clearly defined standard is required, once the standard is set then the mission should be to build your talent pool and leadership should be held accountable for ensuring standards are met.
Global trends indicate that talent management drives the business instead of only supporting it as in previous years. Companies like Shoprite Group have invested in several training institutions and aligned those training programmes at those institutions to the skills requirements of their business. Training programmes, selections processes and performance evaluation process are key in assisting leaders to identify potential talent. These processes require continuous engagement to be successful.
A few years ago physical incentives such as pool tables and free handouts over and above attractive salaries were used to entice potential employees however experts are identifying a noticeable shift in younger generations towards the need for growth, engagement and continuous feedback. The younger generation of talented individuals thrive on feedback and engagement and are interacting with talent scouts via social media platforms which in turn provides freely available sources of information on potential candidates.
Feedback from actual employees  indicate that they feel valued when the company invests in their future assisting them to reach their potential, not investing in employees may lead to them feeling demotivated. Demotivated people leads to under performance and poor growth.
Creating an environment conducive to growth is critical for development. I saw a funny quote once that read something along the lines of “A manager asks the CEO what if we invest in our people and they leave, the CEO responded with, what if we don’t and they stay”.


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