Building a 2020 call centre

Let’s set the basis for if one had to build a 2020 call centre. Firstly, we are always going to put our people first and then in terms of:
• Processes: Easy is the new loyalty
• Systems: Omni-channel contact is required
• Information: A single view of the customer will become a reality
• Digital: Web and App chat is important as service channels
• Customers / Consumers: Smartphones are changing behaviour
• Innovation: Mobile customer support is becoming a standard

Digital will become a leading channel i.e. Web and App as service channels, new channels will arise through Artificial Intelligence (Smartness), however we need to create a one-channel feel through integration and seamless handover, at the same time we need to create a personalised experience for our customers while we continue to invest in upskilling and empowerment of our people.
• Complex problem solving will become the primary function of a contact centre agent.
• Communication skills, analytical problem solving and knowledge of products and services will become the essential skills of a 2020 call centre agent.
• The core functions of an operations teams will be to safeguard customer experience through operational rigor, drive best practice procedures, highlight insights and fixes related to systems and process failures.
In terms of technology:
• Web and App chat should deliberately be designed to become the core channels of choice for customers, followed by phone and emails.
• One should look at mix of dedicated call centres and integrated hubs supported by flexible technologies.
• Key technologies are skill-based routing platforms followed by Cloud and Big Data Analytics.
But what about processes?
• Continuously revisit contact centre process in order to make them more effective, efficient and easy for users as well as customers.
Measure the ease of doing business with you through Net Easy score, the likelihood that customers will promote your service through Net Promoter score, the effectiveness of your service through First Contact Resolution, your efficiency through Service Level followed by Average Handle Time as a hygiene factor.


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