Organisational culture

The following is an extract from an assignment and introduces the topic of culture within an organisation;

The description of culture varies from organisation to organisation, several different cultures may even exist within a particular organisation (Robbins, S.P, & Judge, T. A., Odendaal, A., & Roodt, 2016). Culture can however be described as three particular levels, the first level is known as “artifacts” and are noticeable to the eyes or ears such as constructions, jargon and dress code, the second level is known as “espoused beliefs and values” and these are the vision and missions posted on the walls of the company for everyone to see, the third level is the “underlying assumptions” which refers to the fundamental believes, sensitivities, opinions and moods of the people in the organisation, these underlying assumptions are formed through experiences which translated into beliefs (Schein, n.d.).  “Seven primary characterizes seem to capture the essence of an organization’s culture namely innovation, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness and stability” (Robbins, S.P, & Judge, T. A., Odendaal, A., & Roodt, 2016).

For more information the-levels-of-culture


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