Easy is the new Loyalty

  • Globally: Consumers in the UK are claiming that loyalty is a thing of the past however they will return to do business if the experience is easy, therefore companies like British Telecom are using an indicator called the NetEasy Score in which they ask customers to rate the ease of their experience. The feedback is used to re-evaluate and redesign processes. British Telecoms have found that 40% of customer who find their service easy are less likely to switch (Millard & Alcock, 2014).
  • General: In the contact centre environment, it is important that you make your processes as simple as possible to minimize customer effort.
  • Woolworths: I reviewed the Woolworths Integrated report for 2016 and they key message under heading “26 / Our stakeholders” is that Woolworths would like to build key relationships in order to create value in the short, medium and long term. Customers are placed in the top right hand quadrant in terms of “level of influence” versus “level of interest in WHL (Woolworths Holdings Limited) activities” which makes customers the key to our success. The report also shows how Woolworths utilised customer feedback obtained through customer satisfaction surveys one example is replacing sweets and chocolates from the check-out isles with dried fruit, nuts and biltong (Woolworths Holdings Limited, 2016).

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