2020 Customer Service

The following is a summary from an article by Dr Nicola J. Millard on the evolution of the contact centre;

Call centres will evolve from transaction processing entities to strategically important channels and become the beating heart of strategy.

  1. Complex problem solving will become the primary role of a contact centre agent
  2. Communication skills, analytical problem solving and knowledge of products and services will become the essential skills of a 2020 call centre agent.
  3. Customer effort (NetEasy Score) and customer satisfaction (NPS) will become the primary measures for contact centres followed by First Contact Resolution.
  4. Web and App chat will become the core channels of choice followed by phone and emails.
  5. Many predict a mix of dedicated call centres followed by integrated hubs and then home-based agents supported by flexible technologies.
  6. Key technologies are skill-based routing platforms followed by Cloud and Big Data Analytics.
  7. The core / principle function of a call centre manager or performance leads will be guardians of customer experience and to drive Best Practice Procedures. They will also become drivers of fixes related to failures on billing platforms, online platforms etc.

(Millard & Alcock, 2014)

For more information read super-agent-2020-the-evolution-of-the-contact-centre


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